Three tuning options for your airgun

Standard Kit

       The Elite Airguns Standard Kit was the first to be developed. Comparing to the original spring, the Standard Kit was a huge improvement. Excelled in precision and stability, the Standard Kit was and still is a great success. Inside the Standard comes the Gas Spring, technology first developed by Elite Airguns in Brazil. The best caracteristic of the Standard Kit is the compatibility with a wide range of airgun models and brands.

Advanced Kit

       As an improvement to the standard kit, the Elite Airguns Advanced Kit was created focused on the professional shooter needs. With new piston technology, the recoil was much more reduced even compared to the standard kit. Moreover, shoots have a better grouping and stability. The addition of teflon ring and o'ring reduced the airgun vibration, since it avoids metal to metal contact and impact. The Advanced Kit is the choice of the professional shooter looking foward to get the best shoots.

Olympic Kit

       The Elite Airguns Olympic Kit has taken airguns competitions into another level. Focused in 10 meters away shoots, the Olympic Kit comes with an special piston. Along with all advantages of the advanced kit, with a larger piston that reduces the lenght of the air chamber. Therefore, precision and velocity can be controlled for a perfect shoot at 10 meters competitions. 

 Elite Airguns 

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