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Information set for each kit:


What is this kit made of?

- Gas spring (Gas Ram)

- Piston retainer (PU seal)

- Rear centerer

What benefits and results do I get by installing this kit on my airgun?

- Use scope / holographic sights

- Less vibration

- Tuning capacity

- Shooting accuracy

- Comfort when cocking and less recoil when firing

- Airgun life, less friction between internal parts

- Decreased Lock Time

- Better alignment between parts

- Ease of installation

- Makes the airgun quieter

Technical characteristics of each kit part:


Gas spring (GasRam)

A gas spring is a pneumatic spring similar to a shock absorber. It consists of a steel tube with nitrogen under pressure, and a massive rod, which when entering the tube meets resistance to nitrogen pressure When the gun is cocked, the GasRam rod is pushed into the tube and consequently increases the pressure inside the tube, storing potential energy and acts as a pneumatic accumulator. The advantages of the gas spring are the capacity to keep the gun cocked and ready to fire for long periods of time without spring fatigue, no torsional torque (caused by the expansion of the coil spring) that is exerted on the gun, recoil pattern smoother and faster lock time (the time between the trigger activation and the lead exit from the airgun barrel), resulting in more consistent shooting accuracy. Gas springs perform more reliably in cold climates, as the grease used to lubricate coil springs tends to thicken at low temperatures, making it difficult for the gun to function. Gas springs also have less lateral and longitudinal vibrations than helical springs, so they are generally less sensitive when compressed, making it easier to obtain consistent groupings of shots.

Piston retainer (PU seal)

Elite Airguns PU seals are produced in polyurethane (PU). They improve the sealing, provide  more stable shots, with less speed variation between shots (Spread). Our PU seals are compatible with original plungers and Elite Airguns plungers.



It is the part responsible for aligning the Gas Ram between the other parts.



Product used to lubricate the piston retainer (PU seal), responsible for sealing and compressing the air that will propel the projectile.



- GasRam:

Length: 270mm

Diameter: 18.2mm

Weight: 138g

- Total kit weight: 152g

- Total length of the kit: 280mm

Stoeger Standard Kit


    Stoeger (Standard)

    Cal 4,5

    Cal 5,5


    14 J

    12 J


    16 J

    16 J


    19 J

    19 J


    23 J

    22 J


    20 J

    24 J

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Elite Airguns mission is to give the best equipments and products to all airguns shooters. We have developed the GAS RAM technology in 2008, and it became our speciality. Our products are shipped for free worldwide and are available for the most prestigious airgun brands.

Advantages of using Elite Airguns Kit:

- Reduction of recoil and vibration;

- Shots become more stable and accurate;

- Airgun can be let cocked for unlimited time without any lose of power or damage;

- Reduction of strength required for cocking;

- Airgun does not lose power with passage of time compared to original spring.

How do I install my Kit?

Installing the Elite Airguns Kit is easy. You can find all installation tutorials at our YouTube channel. Make sure follow each step so your airgun will have perfect performance. You can also click bellow to access our PDF maunals, showing in detail each step and also the airgun schematics. For any doubt or problem with installation, check out our FAQ for more information.

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